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A social network for the international community of Madeira

Whether a permanent or semi-permanent resident, we provide opportunities to join activities hosted by individuals within our network. You don’t have to be over 50 to join!

First things first, Covid-19, boring, but we believe essential.

We feel the need to request, that when arriving here on the island, or returning from a trip abroad, we all keep our fellow attendees in mind. Also after close contact with someone who has just arrived, and hang back from accepting any M3A notified invitations for 14 days.

The airport negative test is only current for that day, it doesn’t tell you if you are carrying the virus from the flight or a few days before.  You may consider going to a Farmácia and taking the free fortnightly antigen test that is available for those registered with SESARAM. The cost to those not registered is 20€.

We all want to return to as near normal life as possible, and it all seems so distant with the better situation here, but we are respectfully requesting a cautious approach.

The requirements of masks and social distancing are in place.   We adopt a compliant approach to social distancing and mask wearing. Clearly, mask wearing while eating and drinking is impractical, but while sharing a table in a public place it is a personal choice.  

For those who wish to accept M3A invitations, your, and our, safety is paramount, so we operate under what we believe to be carefully considered restrictions.

Sadly, the inclusion of U3A members from around the world, and others, who are here on a “ short holiday” basis, has had to be suspended.

Participation in activities publicised through the M3A channels is open to all, subject to any limitation on numbers for any particular event, whatever your age, nationality or background. These activities create opportunities to meet people from all walks of life, making new friendships and sharing interests, skills and knowledge with others in a variety of interest groups.

There are physical and social activities to be enjoyed, areas of discussion and, from time to time, interesting courses in which to participate. Perhaps you have time now to undertake and benefit from new ventures or pass your experiences and talents on to others.

Above all else we feel it gives everyone, especially new arrivals, the chance to become an immediate and integral part of the Madeiran community, and the confidence to start a new phase in life surrounded by a network of like minded people.