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A social network for the international community of Madeira

Whether a permanent or semi-permanent resident, we provide opportunities to join activities hosted by individuals within our network. You don’t have to be over 50 to join!

First things first, Covid-19.

The situation is currently stable but we believe in a ‘better safe than sorry’ approach.

Please refrain from joining an event if you are experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms. 

We encourage that to be the basis to both host, and attend, any of our activities.

Participation in activities publicised through the M3A channels is open to all, subject to any limitation on numbers for any particular event, whatever your age, nationality or background. These activities create opportunities to meet people from all walks of life, making new friendships and sharing interests, skills and knowledge with others in a variety of interest groups.

There are physical and social activities to be enjoyed, areas of discussion and, from time to time, interesting courses in which to participate. Perhaps you have time now to undertake and benefit from new ventures or pass your experiences and talents on to others.

Above all else we feel it gives everyone, especially new arrivals, the chance to become an immediate and integral part of the Madeiran community, and the confidence to start a new phase in life surrounded by a network of like minded people.

Our zero tolerance policy for all Subscribers…

This policy applies to all Subscribers who contact the M3A team via email, telephone or in person.
Any aggression or abusive behaviour including language, verbal or written, threats, derogatory remarks, racial remarks, rudeness and swearing, verbal or written will not be tolerated. 
These types of behaviour will be dealt with swiftly, with telephone calls being ended, emails not being responded to and email addresses removed from our database on a permanent basis