A Good Read

A Good Read – for book lovers

Aim of the Group

Enjoy and share a love of literature and/or written works with like-minded people.
Have fun in a group environment, get pleasure from the discussion
Broaden one’s reading horizons
Experience new genres
Have flexibility in approach and seek diversity in content.

To participate in this activity, contact the host of the next meeting to get more information. Hosts can be reached through the link in the “Dates for your Diary” email which you should start to receive once you have subscribed.


Literature, essentially books, are the focus of the group. Derivative art forms (films, TV adaptations) can be discussed but should always relate back to a written work. A number of themes have been identified as different ways to look at the subject of literature.

Actual content/topic of each theme (see below) is decided in advance, usually with a rolling 6 month program. The schedule will be extended or modified at the end of each meeting based on experience of themes run up to that point and preferences of those attending.

New themes can be added at any point to the list, or ones that don’t work well removed.

The aim is to have flexibility in the range of works considered and how they are discussed, covering a diversity of styles/genres and allow participants to adapt their reading to what appeals to them.

The focus is literature in English (but includes translations of world literature) as that is the common language of most current participants.

How each event is run

A host is named for each planned meeting for at least the next 4 meetings, as the rolling 6-month program is extended at the conclusion of each meeting, the host list is updated. The host is a volunteer from the group and deals with the logistics (location, timing, date confirmation and distribution of information) for their upcoming event.

Meetings will generally be held on the first Wednesday of each month.

A chairperson is chosen at the start of each meeting and moderates the discussion: i.e. keeps an eye on timing,  gets all involved, keeps discussion to the selected topic/format – but with help of others present.  Participants to the group are expected to take turns to be chairperson unless very uncomfortable with that role.

Participants should be respectful and courteous of others’ opinions and views, giving ‘space’ for others to participate and not hogging the floor.  Basically no interruptions while someone is talking (except by chair if getting off topic) and disagree with opinions but not the person.