Scrabble club

A social network for the international community of Madeira

Come and join us for a fun brain teasing afternoon with words!

The scrabble club meets every second Monday at 14.30p.m. It is held at Debbie’s house in São Gonçalo.

Phone Debbie at 964 383 806  for further information

Three Letter Words
From Collins Official Scrabble Lists.

Three letter words aren’t quite as important as two letter words, but they are still an essential weapon in every Scrabble player’s armoury. It is especially worth noting those three letter words that are one letter extensions (hooks) of two letter (before or after). You should at least be familiar with those words that are -S plurals of two letter words.

The Q without a U!
From Collins Official Scrabble Lists

There are few things more infuriating in Scrabble than having a Q on your rack but no U with which to play it. But this situation needn’t be disastrous. There are 75 words listed here that have a Q but no U.

Start to Learn your two letter words
From Collins Official Scrabble Lists.

Two letter words are vital to the serious Scrabble player. While very few two letter words afford big scores in their own right, they are crucial linking elements in the game. Essentially, two letter words are the nuts and bolts of the game, allowing longer words to be played parallel to each other or for slotting in a high scoring letter on a premium square to form words in two directions. There are 124 valid two letter words in Scrabble, all of which are listed below.