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How do I participate?

If you would like to join our Subscribers email  list please enter your details below.

We will then send you an email for verification purposes, to protect us,  and you, from Spam applications.

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Help us cover our costs

Our information and publicity activities are funded through contributions by subscribers to our mailing list.

A contribution of €5 annually  helps us cover the costs of our website and email administration, also allows us to make M3A better known through promotion and advertising.

No-one gets paid; everyone is a volunteer!

After paying these expenses, any surplus funds each year will be donated to recognised local (Madeiran) charities.

To keep costs to a minimum, all correspondence will be by email.
You are free to join in any, and as many, activities as you wish.

Reminder: Individual activities may have costs associated with them, such as museum visits, or meals at restaurants. These are settled at the time, either directly with the relevant establishment, or via the activity organiser.

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